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March 30th was a Red letter Day for cohort 5. Our Commissioning Day! Over the past 11 weeks we had been mentored by lovely Mary and Barry, and had debated, discussed, listened to and role played (which I love!) our way to this day. Here we were, all 15 of us, sitting nervously, but ready, to read the Volunteers promise and sign up to BCCS. All through our training we were treated with respect, and this was reflected in the proceedings of the afternoon. Speeches by Mary, Miss Sheila Patchett and Lord Patel praised our commitment and enthusiasm to the training and the role of support worker.

The ceremony seemed to pass quickly and, before you knew it, it was your turn to walk across the courtroom to read the promise in a clear, proud voice, and hope that your nerves didn’t get the better of you. It was with pride that we left the courts. Proud that we had made it through the training and were now ready to take up the role, but also a little sad. We had become a group and shared many things together on Wednesday mornings. Now we might only bump into each other occasionally.

Friday 30th March was a privilege for cohort 5, and we would like to thank all the people that made it such a memorable time—Ruth, Eileen, Mary, Barry, Latif , the dignitaries of the bench, the Cathedral and Council of Mosques and the various organisations in Bradford. Thanks also to Tony and Christine and our family and friends. Alison Hudson