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I am going to Court



1. Find the right court building

Are you at a Magistrates’ Court, Coroners’ Court, County Court,
Family Court, Youth Court or a Tribunal hearing?

Check your papers to find the correct address:
Bradford Combined Courts Centre,
Drake St, Bradford BD1 1JA
(opposite the Great Victoria Hotel)
Telephone: 01274  840274



Bradford Magistrates Court, The Tyrls, Bradford BD1 1LA
(facing the “Mirror Pool” at the side of City Hall) Telephone: 01274 390111


Bradford Coroner’s Court is in the same building
as the Magistrates’ Court The Tyrls, Bradford BD1 1LA
(facing the “Mirror Pool” at the side of City Hall) Telephone: 01274 391362





Bradford Tribunal Hearing Centre, 20, Rushton Ave, Bradford BD3 7BH
Immigration and Asylum: Telephone: 0300 123 1711
Social security and child support: Telephone: 0300 123 1142

Some Tribunal Hearing may be heard at other Courts so look at your papers carefully to see where you need to be.

We do not offer a service here but you may get help from “McKenzie Friends” run by Beacon https://beaconbradford.org
Or email: beacon@beaconbradford.org



2. Security

You will need to clear security, which is a bit like airport security.
Allow plenty of time for this.
So, don’t bring any sharp objects, even a mini pen-knife on a key ring may be taken from you. The less you have with you the more quickly you will get into the building.


3. Find the correct Court Room.

After clearing security, you will see a board with lists of courts.
Check which list has your name on.

If you have any difficulty, ask for help from a “ASSIST” volunteer or look for an Usher. Ushers wear black gowns but do not wear wigs.

At the Bradford Combined Courts Centre, Courts 1 – 8 are on the second floor
All other courts are on the Ground floor.

At the Bradford Magistrates Court, Courts 1-8 and the Coroner’s Court are on the First Floor. The Youth Court is on the ground floor straight ahead of you.


4. Register with an Usher.


Normally, there will be an Usher outside the court room, make yourself known to them. If you are in the wrong place, or if there has been any change of court room, they will tell you. The Usher will want to know if you have a Solicitor or Barrister and, if so, who it is.






5. Legal Aid.

If you are in the Magistrates’ Court and you are not represented, you MAY be entitled to some Legal Aid. Check with the Duty Solicitor. The Usher will be able to point out where she or he can be found.


6. If you have a Solicitor.

If you have a Solicitor, it is vital that you keep your appointments with your Solicitor, so that they are fully prepared. He or she can only help you if they have had time to go through your case with you. It is not easy to do that on the day of the hearing, as they may have many other cases to deal with. If you are asked to produce evidence, don’t leave it to the last minute. Do it as soon as you can, so she or he has time to check it out properly. Let your Solicitor know if you change your address or phone number.


7. If you are NOT represented

If you are NOT represented, it is important that you bring your evidence to court.

Think about what it is that you want to tell the Court. What can you bring to show that this is true? (possible link to different page)
E.g. “I am on benefits” – bring along your benefits book or a letter from the Benefits Agency to show what benefits you receive and how much these are.
E.g. “I don’t earn much” – bring along your latest wage slips or recent bank statements
E.g. “I am repaying a loan” – bring along something to show how much you owe and what you pay each week or month.
E.g. “I do have motor insurance” – bring your insurance certificate with you (not a photocopy) and if you are driving with permission, a letter to show who gave you permission.

Bring anything else that will back up what you say (rent book or mortgage statement, gas and electricity bills etc.) If you don’t have these, the court MAY put your case off to another day and ask you to bring them. Let the Court know if you change your address or phone number.


8. Timing

Whichever Court you are at, make sure you arrive in good time. If you are not there when your case is called on, it may be put to the back of the list. If you are on bail for a criminal charge and arrive late, a warrant may be issued for your arrest.

Be prepared for a long wait. There are lots of reasons why it may not be possible to hear you case at the time you expect. Bring something to help you pass the time, (a newspaper, book, magazine, puzzle book etc..)


9. Make appropriate child-care arrangements.

Link to section on children The Court is not an appropriate place for children. If you usually collect your children from school you should make arrangements for someone else to do it, as you may not be home in time.


10. If you know you need particular help

If you know you need particular help, ask for it in advance. If you have any special needs,

E.g. if you have any health issues, problems with mobility, vision, hearing, speech, reading or writing or if you need an interpreter; contact the court as soon as you get a hearing date.

Telephone numbers can be found in paragraph 1.



If you are worried about the court hearing and would like support for yourself, for a member of your family or a friend, you can contact our Team Leader on 01274 722 422 Tuesday to Friday 09:30 to 16:00 and we will arrange for one of our Team to be there to offer you help.


Where is the court?

The address for Bradford and Keighley Magistrates’ Court is The Tyrls, Bradford, BD1 1LA

The address for the Crown Court is Bradford Combined Courts Centre, Exchange Square, Drake Street, Bradford BD1 1JA