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Gill Allcock
Gill was commissioned in May 2010 and was a highly valued volunteer who helped at least 50 individuals in the Magistrates and 63 in the Crown Court. Sadly, she lost her brave battle with cancer on 5th November. During her illness she asked if I would deliver her “eulogy”, which she wished to write herself. I felt this was a great honour and privilege.

Gill had 3 great inspirations in her life: her parents in law, her Buddhist “soul mate” (John Fenlon) and Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, who has done much to bring Buddhism to the West. She told of her ordination as a Buddhist nun in July, when she was given the name of Kelsang Gawa, meaning “the fortunate one of great joy”.

Gill’s funeral was conducted in accordance with Buddhist traditions and was very well attended. Her “eulogy” was mainly a list of people she wanted to thank, her family especially. She said that to her Buddhism meant just two things: kindness and compassion and Gill certainly demonstrated both these qualities along with many more attributes, including reliability and consistency.

Gill was compassionate, generous, serene and truly inspirational. She was devoted to her family and her concern during her final illness was for them. She was truly a woman of great joy and we were the fortunate ones to have known her. She is sadly missed. Mary Carroll